Thursday, December 23, 2010



LOVE Lazy Saturdays

Last Satruday I went to the gym (like always) then did some odd and end shopping, picked up lunch than came home and got a nice hot shower. The dogs and I curled up in the spare room with the hot sun shinning in and we all took a long warm Nap.


I would like to make a special shoot out to Aunt Mary and Janet (my mother in law) for wrapping all of my gifts this year!

This years Wrapping paper.....It looks like Bella :)

Over Worked

The dogs after they helped me clean today. They are so over worked - following me around is hard. -hehe

Saturday, December 11, 2010


We went on a dairy farm back in October. My mom took the picture of my sister and I and than Kaylee and Sabrina wanted their picture taken too.

Drama on Friday Night

Friday night after we had got home, we both sat down to relax and this is normally when the dogs grab their toys and ask us to play with them. Bella was on the floor and all sudden I heard her screaming and crying. I couldn't see her so I jumped up and she was in front of Cody and she had her head facing down so I couldn't see her. She continue to scream loudly when I lifted her head up - she had a pink ball caught in her mouth. I tried to move it but it wouldn't come out, as she screamed Bo at this point is barking and running in circles around her - freaking out.

I began to freak out (normal) and Cody took over trying to be calm. I rubbed her back has Cody looked at the ball to figured. Every time Cody tried to move it she screamed. Than I went to grab something to cut the rubber ball.
When I was walking back to them she all sudden tried to pull it out on her own as she was crying and screaming but she finally pulled it out.

That toy has been thrown away.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Look what Bella got this year. Here are my first and only half Marathons that I finished this year. A year ago, I was signing up for my first half Marathon (13.1 miles) now this year I am signing up for my first marathon (26.2 miles).